Friday, November 5, 2010

FFwD - pommes dauphinois

There was a hotel I stayed at several times in Baton Rouge that had a steak restaurant next door that delivered room service.  Yummy steak.  The first time I ordered however I was shocked that I had no choice of potato.  It was a fully loaded baked potato or nothing.  French fries being the only kind I really enjoy I thought I was going to have to just eat steak that night.  Boy was I wrong.  Turned out I like love potatoes when you cover them in butter, cheese bacon and what other yummy ingredients might have been in there.  Turns out I also love potatoes sliced thin and baked in heavy cream infused with garlic and topped with cheddar cheese (I used a white cheddar as that's what I had in the house).  I will not be making these again anytime soon.  Yes you read that correctly.  These were too good.  I had another helping before bed; I had them for lunch the next day.  If I make them too often I'll weigh a tonne!


  1. All I can say is "what's wrong with weighing a tonne?" Looks super delicious!

  2. They must be good, because I know you don't love potatoes. I was lazy/busy this week, but have all the ingredients for 2 of the recipes, so hope to get some kitchen time soon!

  3. I think I'm going to save these for Thanksgiving, when I'll have plenty of family to help eat them. Otherwise, I'd probably eat them all myself. They look sooo delicious!