Friday, November 12, 2010

FFwD - caramel-topped semolina cake

Oh caramel…you are quickly becoming my arch-nemesis.  I decided to double the caramel after reading others comments about the recipe not producing very much.  The first attempt looked good, but wait, “Poof!”…too dark.  I had better taste to see.  Why do I keep sticking my fingers in hot caramel!  Yuck.  Second try.  Doubled the recipe again.  Stirred it into a frothy mess trying to keep it from burning.  Stirred so much that most of the sugar just crystallized around the sides of the pot.  Didn’t even get enough sauce to cover the bottom of the pan.  Third attempt.  Kept the recipe as is and voilà!  Perfect. 

As you can see the turn out on to the plate did not go so well either but that’s ok, I was just happy to have it done and to see some delicious looking caramel sauce.  The ‘cake’ itself was very easy to make and I’ve been enjoying the cream of wheat as my morning meal for a couple of weeks now.  I skipped the raisins, as I didn’t have any on hand. 
I am glad I was eager to taste this as it turns out I really enjoyed it while it was still a bit warm but once it came to room temperature it was too eggy for me.   Looking forward to trying Dorie’s roast chicken for les paresseux (lazy people) this weekend…and with the mess of pots full of hardened caramel sauce waiting for me in the kitchen it sounds like the type of recipe I need!


  1. I had trouble with the caramel the first time, too.

    I've made this three times now, the last time with cranberries and the first times with currants. I think any dried fruit would be great with this.

  2. Ooh...caramel coated pans don't sound like fun...but your cake looks great!

  3. It looks so good! I am going to make this one very soon. I love hot cereal so Im thinking i will love this one! Im going to leave the raisins out too. Your caramel looks perfect, Im glad it turned out for you!
    Enjoy that chicken! I loved it and the PG is a winner too!

  4. Sorry you had trouble with this one! I like it more than I thought I would. Your's looks absolutely perfect.

  5. It looks perfect in the first picture--I guess three times is a charm, right?
    I just went to look in the cookbook so I could vote for the December recipes, and the whole thing completely fell apart! Now I have the cover and a clump of pages. Frustrating, as it's too late to return/exchange it.

  6. At least you won in the end! The caramel is the perfect shade :)